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5 to 10
minute TPR
(total-physical-response) language
lessons in VR

cover practical topics for A1-B1 levels

Optional subtitles
to help with
reading and
word identification

New lessons and
added regularly

This is not your standard language learning app. It’s the CrossFit of language learning apps. If you need to see grammar instructions and want multiple choice exercises to tell you how good you are, there are other apps for that. If you prefer to see an alphabet written on a blackboard in order to learn pronunciation, there are other apps for that.  

We re-approached the language acquisition process from the ground up...literally, we thought about how humans naturally learn language as we are growing…from the ground up…(I guess that metaphor kind of works). We tried to create lessons that mimic the same learning process that we have all used while learning our first language as kids. This means the first thing you do is listen and watch what you are being told. Then you experiment with the objects in the lesson and try to figure out what you are being told to do. No reading, no multiple choice exercises, no grammar written out on blackboards, not in the beginning at least. We’ve all done this before. We’ve all learned a language like this before, our first language. 

We built this because we were tired of spending years in classrooms, looking at alphabets and grammar written out in text books and hearing lectures from “experts” with “decades of teaching experience” before going to foreign countries and understanding next to nothing. 

We built this because we wanted to understand. We wanted to communicate with people from other cultures with other languages. If this sounds like you too, come join the revolution. 

Our languages currently include: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, and Dutch.

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